Why your business should never invest in hardware IT infrastructure…EVER AGAIN!

Posted by CoreSpace Admin on Apr 20, 2016 02:50:38 PM
Why your business should never invest in hardware IT infrastructure…EVER AGAIN!

For many businesses, the thought of sending all their vital information into something as ethereal-sounding as “the cloud” provokes anxiety. If you’re used to a big, solid computer in your office being responsible for all your backups, trusting the cloud can take some convincing. Even though you can’t see your data by glancing at your server, its hulking presence is so reassuring.

But now that we’ve reached the year of 2016, cloud computing is hardly new anymore. We can trace its history back to computer visionary J.C.R. Licklider, who came out with the far-out idea of an “intergalactic computer network” in the 1960s. He envisioned something like cloud computing, although he was way ahead of his time.


Since bandwidth didn’t start growing significantly until the ‘90s, it took a few decades before developers could get to work on the cloud. Innovators like Salesforce, Amazon, Google and Microsoft all piggybacked on each other until we’ve reached the cloud of today. Now almost everybody backs up their iPhone to the cloud. Many people use services like Backblaze and SpiderOak that protect personal computers by encrypting documents and sending them to the cloud.


So why not back up your business data the same way? Let’s look at a few of the advantages of cloud services over spending yet more money on IT infrastructure.



Some people are suspicious of the cloud, because it’s outside the four walls of their office. They might feel helpless to protect their documents. How do they know bad guys won’t hack their data?

But how safe is your office server? Approximately as strong as your locked office door and your firewall.

A colocation center is almost sure to have better security than the average office. For example, let’s examine a few features of a data center your office probably doesn’t have. First, the physical attributes include cement and steel beam construction, lightning strike electrical grounding system, a barbed wire security perimeter fence and a dry-pipe zoned fire suppression system. The center is staffed 24/7 with technicians and hardware ready to deploy to serve your scalability. Every door requires a badge or biometric scanning. And that’s just getting inside the place. From a security standpoint, the network itself is way beyond what most businesses could set up themselves.


Acts of God

Nobody is at fault when a so-called “act of God” – such as a hurricane, earthquake or other natural disaster – happens. But that’s not going to make you feel better about losing your server and all its crucial data. During a hurricane, you need to focus on the physical safety of yourself and your family. Let the cloud worry about your computer files.



Like a car you drive off the lot, as soon as your new server leaves the manufacturer, it starts losing value. We all know that computers are built to become obsolete. Instead of setting yourself up for chronic equipment failure, you can outsource to a colocation center. At CoreSpace, we are constantly upgrading our system, and monitoring, supporting and backing up our clients’ data. For a monthly fee you can access this top-of-the-line system, instead of sinking money into new network infrastructure every few years and paying somebody to manage it.



Thinking of growing your business? With cloud services, you can up your data storage plan without having to get a bigger office to store that enormous server. CoreSpace offers cages ranging from one to 5,000 square feet. That means you can lease as little or as much space as you need.



The world has gone mobile. Much as people complain about never being able to disconnect from work, mobile isn’t just the future—it’s the present. Cloud services allow you to access your company information from any city, 24/7.

It’s time to transcend any lingering fear of cloud computing. The heartaches of destroyed hard drives, patching servers late at night and constantly paying for upgraded hardware can easily be a thing of the past. Call CoreSpace today to discuss how we can help you embrace the cloud.