CoreSpace, Inc. a Finalist in the 3rd Annual Uptime Institute Symposium Server Roundup!

Posted by CoreSpace Admin on Jun 13, 2014 03:34:27 PM
CoreSpace, Inc. a Finalist in the 3rd Annual Uptime Institute Symposium Server Roundup!

Every spring industry stakeholders in Enterprise IT, Finance, Executive Management, Corporate Real Estate, and Data Center Facilities gather together for the annual Uptime Institute Symposium—a venue that has a rich history in identifying and showcasing critical industry trends in IT and data center operations.

A highlight of the annual symposium’s events—The Server Roundup competition began in 2012, and has gained momentum and become a coveted accolade for the evolutionary and tech-savvy data center visionary. The challenge to the competitors each year: banish obsolete IT equipment and outdated rack-based distributed single-phase UPS systems and move toward advanced IT efficiencies and hugely reduced energy consumptions.

As technology continues to introduce speedier, exponentially more efficient IT applications and servers that reduce energy waste, it’s either be on the cutting edge of technology or be left behind with outdated and inefficient equipment and functionality. CoreSpace, Inc., which was formed in 2009 by Liana Dunlap, and is the largest privately held, woman-owned data center and hosting solutions provider in the U.S., met this challenge head-on and joined the Roundup Server competition’s winners’ circle in May 2014 placing as a Finalist in this prestigious annual industry event.

CoreSpace, Inc. is at the forefront of cutting edge and vision. In 2011, CoreSpace planted its footprint in Dallas, Texas—by way of acquisitioning a 30,000 square foot data center already in operation, and has since successfully established itself as the data center and hosting solutions provider of choice within the SMB marketplace, and has stepped up to the plate making considerable investments in the company’s operations, including an all new critical power infrastructure. With CoreSpace’s newly acquired data center, they inherited hundreds of Legacy “white box” servers and over 230 “rack-mounted” single phase distributed UPS units. A calculated brainstorming session headed up by Liana Dunlap, the company’s CEO, determined after running power/cost calculations that CoreSpace had a strong enough ROI to warrant an immediate install of more efficient state-of-the-art servers and a GE SG Series UPS Centralized UPS System covering the entire Dallas data center. This was a bold move and an entire system overhaul. This was an evolution toward tomorrow’s data center capabilities for today’s customers.

In 2012 the company began decommissioning and recycling the entire decentralized UPS system and the 326 Legacy servers as it migrated to the more superior GE centralized UPS system. “Power efficiency is a critical factor in controlling the operational expenses in our data centers, and as a full-service data center and hosting provider, availability is a vital performance measurement for us. Since installing the centralized UPS system, we are able to deliver higher levels of service and support for our customers,” says the founder of CoreSpace, Liana Dunlap.

Replacing the slower, less efficient rack-based distributed single-phase UPS system and the 326 “white box” servers delivered power savings in excess of $100,000 annually and substantially reduced cooling costs associated with management of the more than 345,000 British Thermal Units (BTUs) produced by the two hundred thirty single-phase UPS units and Legacy servers.

Congratulations to CoreSpace, Inc. on becoming a Finalist in the 3rd Annual Uptime Institute Symposium’s Server Roundup! CoreSpace joins other notable industry leaders who have implemented advanced IT efficiencies while strategically reducing energy costs such as Barclays, Sun Life Financial, TD Bank, and AOL to name a few.