Cloud Services

We have lots of additional services we can offer within the CoreSpace Cloud, but we just wanted to highlight a few here.  I’f you need it, we probably offer it.  Contact us and our Cloud experts can get you turned up today!

Backup Services

Our Cloud offers a choice of backup schemes to suit different service requirements. For maximum performance you can backup transactions and store snapshots and images.  Cloud backups are stored outside of SANs to enable recovery in the event of a SAN failure.

The Cloud supports scheduled and ad-hoc backups.  This allows us to customize the backup capabilities for different customer requirements.

Load Balancing

The CoreSpace Cloud can automatically provide load balancing across specific virtual servers and smart servers. We can create load balanced clusters with just a few clicks, specifying which servers will participate in a load balancer cluster, and have incoming traffic distributed between them.

Elastic Storage

Increase the storage capacity of your virtual servers using our Elastic Storage solution.  loud Elastic Storage is backed by a redundant data storage system providing high performance and reliability.

CDN / Object Storage

Our Cloud enables you to accelerate your website by leveraging our high performance content distribution network.  It gives you access to capacity in over 170 locations, with many more available if you need them.  Put your videos and static web content right where you need it, close to your audience!  For example, we support the following video protocols:
  • Adobe® Flash®
  • Apple® iOS: iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod® touch
  • Microsoft® Silverlight®
  • Apple QuickTime™
  • Android™, Blackberry® and other 3GPP platforms