Direct Attached Storage

Direct Attached Storage provides the flexibility and scalability you need, all within one array. Its simple, yet powerful storage solution makes it ideal for applications requiring a highly efficient, fully redundant, entry-level array to maintain availability. It’s highly suitable for a multitude of use cases, including, but not limited to, clustering and databases.

CoreSpace’s Direct Attached Storage works off a secondary network interface on your server to get the most efficient connection between a server and the array for the lowest latency to your storage array.

Storage Area Network

A Storage Area Network (SAN) is a highly available, reliable solution leveraging fully redundant architecture. This is a must-have for any mission-critical application. Additionally, its high storage capacity makes SAN an extremely scalable solution, offering the ability to grow with your business’s evolving storage needs.

CoreSpace offers custom SAN configurations based on your required performance, access protocols, and capacity needs, as well as a choice of RAID configurations for optimal enhanced protection and performance.

CoreSpace’s SAN solutions give you the reliability of an enterprise storage solution without the complexities and costs that come with building, maintaining, and running your own SAN.

Network Attached Storage

CoreSpace offers a variety of NAS solutions to help you achieve the performance and capacity that your business’s intensive workloads, rich media sites, content libraries, online archiving and transaction processing allowing flexibility and scalable of enterprise-class storage that you need for success!

Your storage solution has to be optimized to support workflow productivity and growth acceleration. It should also easily scale-out to meet the demands of your business’s future growth without causing an impact to performance.

Your storage solution should also give you higher efficiencies with duplication coupled with the ability to mirror your virtualized environment to another geographic location. Now that’s what I call enterprise that Capt. Kirk would be proud of!

CoreSpace’s NAS solutions deliver just that. Enterprise solutions that will keep your online presence running fast and efficient!

Why CoreSpace Servers?

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