CoreSpace Network Security

CoreSpace network security provides a variety of services, from large scale mitigation of denial of service attacks, to server auditing, to password testing. Need advice on how best to secure your site? Our security team can assist you in the best solution for your needs. Getting too much spam?  We can help you choose the best anti-spam options for your mail server.  Concerned that your system has already been compromised? Our team can check for rogue processes or unwarranted access, close the security breach, and then assist you in preventing future issues.

Also, though vulnerability scans, CoreSpace tests your applications to make sure they are not easily penetrated by outside attackers. These scans protect your online presence and sensitive data from those capable of causing harm to your environment.

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DDoS Mitigation

Do you worry about your site being taken offline? Denial of service attacks keeping you up at night ? CoreSpace can take those worries away. With our IPS/IDS equipment, and our relationship with Black Lotus, a leader in DDoS mitigation, we can identify and mitigate attacks against your servers in real time. So rest easy about denial of service, we have you covered.

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What is IDS & IPS?

IDS/IPS stands for Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems. What does this mean to you? Our IDS/IPS systems allow us to stop most common internet attacks automatically. DDoS, unauthorized access, spyware/malware/viruses, botnets. All are automatically detected and denied. No action on your part, just sit back and relax while our systems keep your systems from being vulnerable to the dangers of the internet.

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Virus & Malware Protection

Protect yourself against viruses, malware and other rogue applications. CoreSpace can install services directly on your server to detect and quarantine suspicious emails that will eventually save you time and energy.  CoreSpace’s resilient malware protection defends against any type of harmful software that could potentially attack your system.  It prevents unwanted elements, as well as protects your data from compromise.

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Audits & Assessments

The CoreSpace Network Security team can audit and assess your servers and configurations.  They can provide suggestions on how to better protect your server through adjustments to application settings, firewall settings as well as make O/S level recommendations.  Also, through vulnerability assessment scans, CoreSpace Network Security can test your server to make sure it is secure from outside intrusions. These scans will protect your data, your systems and your reputation from the rogue elements of the Internet.

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Firewall Protection

Sometimes you need more security. Your infrastructure complexity, the volume of traffic you receive, or just don’t want the overheard on your servers. For this, we recommend a Cisco ASA hardware firewall. Standing separate and in front of your systems, it allows for a greater range of security options, all without affecting the responsiveness of your server. Need to meet compliance with PCI or HIPAA? A hardware firewall will aid you at meeting their requirements. Want your offices to share data with your server, and only your offices? You can setup a site to site VPN and treat your server as if it’s in the office, while it’s managed and secure here at CoreSpace. These are just a taste of what you can do with a hardware firewall. So let us know what your security requirements are, and we can make it happen for you.

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