Traffic Management:

Load Balancing & Server Monitoring

Load Balancing efficiently distributes incoming network traffic across a group of servers.  Server Monitoring reviews and analyzes a server for availability, operations, performance, security and other operations-related processes.

In short…both are critical to the successful management of your server infrastructure.

Load Balancing

Using industry standard Traffic Management technologies, CoreSpace offers extreme resiliency and power to any of its server solutions.  Whether you require steadfast reliability, hardcore power and performance, or both, our traffic management techniques provide local and geographic traffic balancing that can distribute traffic to multiple servers within a region or across regions. CoreSpace’s local traffic balancing solutions offer increased power and performance to any server solution by balancing your customer traffic between multiple servers.  The solution uses a variety of balancing methods, including round robin, active/passive, predictive, and connection based.  Our intricate server monitoring techniques ensure that your servers are functioning properly to server traffic.

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Global Load Balancers

CoreSpace’s Geographic traffic balancing solutions offer extreme reliability and availability by managing your traffic between disparate geographic regions based on your requirements.  Whether you require failover to a redundant site, wish to balance your traffic across multiple sites, or route traffic to given sites based on location, CoreSpace can meet your needs through our many different traffic balancing methods. The traffic balancing solutions allow for our customers to create multiple lower level non-production environments, without the increased cost of buying additional servers and services.  The solution also allows our customers to take servers in and out of production, in order to perform maintenance, without affecting production traffic.  This allows our customer to both test and deploy new software revisions safely and without impact.

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System Monitoring

CoreSpace offers a robust monitoring system to monitor almost any aspect of managed or colocated servers. Everything from basic ping checks, port probes, hardware status and performance can be monitored, and more! Alerts can be configured to either notify our clients directly, or notify our expert technical staff so that we can handle potential issues, often before our clients are even aware of them. We have both local and off-site monitoring available. Monitoring is highly customizable so that we can stay on top of every individual configuration and scenario.

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Basic Core Notifications

With our Basic Core Notification service, our monitoring system will check the availability of your server using ICMP, in addition to periodic port probes. If the system or port becomes unresponsive, our expert technical staff is notified automatically so that we can investigate the cause of the alert and take action if necessary. Rest easy knowing that if your server or service goes down, our technicians will already be on top of the issue, often before you or your customers are even aware of it!

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Advanced Core Notifications

With Advanced Core Notifications, the possibilities are virtually unlimited! Utilizing local or off-site monitoring nodes, we can poll your server for response time, page load time, port availability, SNMP data, Nagios and Zabbix agent data, and more! Agent data allows us monitor almost any aspect of your operating system including filesystem usage, process monitoring, log file analysis, file modifications, system load or even failed login attempts. Notifications can be sent to any phone or email address you specify, and polled data can be retained and graphed for analysis. Whatever your business and availability needs, we have a solution for you!

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