CoreSpace Firewalls and Encryption

Protecting your data is a full-time job.  Not only do you need the skills to properly maintain a secure IT environment, you need to be current with all the latest technologies that ensure compliance standards are being met and that data breaches are kept at bay.


Take the right steps to make your network a safe haven for data. To limit the risk of data breaching that comes with traffic surges, CoreSpace recommends implementing a Cisco ASA hardware firewall. This hardware firewall stands separate from your system, providing protection without putting pressure on your server’s responsiveness. Lock down your ports and prevent unwanted outside access to your environment.

To go even further, CoreSpace can provide state-of-the-art advanced firewalls for your system. Advanced firewalls add layers of protection that extend beyond your server hardware and operate on a software level. Protection with an advanced firewall may include services like intrusion protection service (IPS), virus and malware guards, and other dynamic security benefits.


Physical encryption on self-encrypting drives (SEDs) can be provided so data cannot be accessed without the appropriate physical device key. This is the preferred choice for businesses relying on a mobile workforce and working with sensitive information.

Alternatively, your data can be protected through logical encryption – digital protection at the data level. Logical encryption is the best line of defense against remote hacking attempts and is a must-have for any organization working with sensitive customer or proprietary data.

CoreSpace provides encryption solutions for email communication, device drives, file storage, and more to keep every aspect of your business private and secure.