The City that Never Sleeps!

Our New York based enterprise class data center is ideally located in Orangeburg, NY, just 20 minutes north of New York City. We offer an eco-friendly infrastructure with leading–edge technologies to protect, manage and monitor the facility and environmentals. The data center was designed and constructed for maximum reliability, productivity and energy efficiency to provide the highest output, but minimize environmental impact. This highly-stable, redundant, and secure facility includes the following attributes:


  • 24/7 Secure Customer Access
  • Digitally recorded video surveillance inside and along perimeter of facility
  • Restricted card-key controlled access
  • Man-Trap entry
  • Custom designed cabinet locking system with client-generated security combination


  • Energy efficient Hot-Aisle/Cold Aisle design
  • 42u APC cabinets, 24”W or 30”W by 42”deep
  • 20u APC half cabinets are available
  • Static load capacity 3,000 lbs.
  • Specially designed data center to support high-density colocation of loads up to 30Kw per cabinet
  • Unlimited expansion capabilities
  • Computer room raised floor load capacity rated at 6,000 lbs. per floor tile designed for high-density computing centers
  • Exclusive under-floor supply and return of chilled water to and from computer room InRow Coolers
  • All electrical and communication feeds overhead
  • Multiple carriers bring fiber into the data center; Optimum Lightpath, Verizon, Lightower
  • On-grade concrete structural slab
  • Uninterrupted horizon for satellite transmission, direct line of site to multiple towers in New York and New Jersey
  • High Performance Power and Backup Protection
  • Industry-leading APC UPS (n+2) – 96% efficient, scalable, modular, with high availability and built-in redundancy for maximum reliability
  • Electricity delivered to data center at 480 volts
  • Separate A and B side transformers
  • 250 Watts per square foot data center capacity
  • Three-phase electric directly to cabinets
  • 938Kva standby diesel generation with 24-hour on-site fuel supply

Environmental Control

  • APC InRow Cooling units provide up to 30Kw computer cooling load per cabinet
  • Chilled Water Infrastructure
  • Fully redundant (n+1) roof-top water chilling units
  • Scalable and automatic on/off compressor cycling
  • System controlled for optimum performance
  • Extensive cold glycol reserve storage tank in each chiller unit
  • Four-stage compressors and dual pumps in each chiller unit avoids interruption to client computing

Glycol Roof-top Economizers

  • Supplemental heat exchangers (dry coolers) provide environmentally friendly cooling
  • Free-Cooling employed automatically, channeling Glycol cooling fluid to provide the most effective and energy efficient cooling methodology when the outside air temperature reaches a set threshold point during cooler weather
  • Air-flow blows upward, cooling the fluid for return to the data center
  • Limited cooler operation reduces carbon emissions while lowering operational cost
  • Reducing number of hours of chiller operation, lowers energy usage

24/7 Active Fire Protection System

  • Advanced, innovative FM200 Inert gas fire suppression system with automatic and remote enunciation and digital alerts
  • Rapid smoke and fire detection and suppression system is set to discharge in less than 10 seconds, is environmentally friendly to computers and leaves no harmful residue or clean-up

Device Monitoring Event Management System

  • Real-time, monitoring control system integrates infrastructure data and video surveillance into one central console
  • Sensor-alert event notification
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Tracks physical security, cooling, power, electrical and environmental data
  • Custom reporting
  • All alerts are sent instantaneously to all operations personnel