CoreSpace and EPA’s Green Power Partnership

Posted by CoreSpace Admin on Apr 26, 2016 02:05:13 PM
CoreSpace and EPA’s Green Power Partnership


CoreSpace becomes eighth DFW tech firm to earn EPA’s Green Power Partnership designation

Data Center Energy Consumption Infographic

April 20, 2016 DALLAS, TX – CoreSpace, Inc. Dallas Data Center has joined the growing ranks of green data centers with its recent induction into the Green Power Partnership.

An offshoot of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Green Power Partnership is a collective of independent businesses and organizations committed to using eco-friendly sources of power in their daily operations.

Qualifying to be a Green Power Partner was the latest initiative of CoreSpace in working towards being one of the most sustainable companies in its space.

The cooling systems in the IT hosting provider’s 30,000 square foot Data Center already use cold-aisle containment to increase efficiency and utilize blanking panels to minimize the re-circulation of hot air.  The firm also uses economization during colder months to take advantage of near-free cooling.  Additionally, with their GE partnership, Corespace takes advantage of newer technologies, such as eBoost in their UPS systems.  This allows for less power consumption year-round.

Data Centers usage of power has increased over time and will continue to rise due to strong IT and cloud demand.  Data Center power is measured in Megawatts and the Dallas Fort Worth market has the second largest power usage according to a December 2015 JLL study.  CoreSpace is only the 8th technology firm in the Dallas Metroplex to be a certified Green Power Partner.

“Making better use of energy took investing in newer technologies. With our strong partnerships we were able to increase our efficiency and reliability.” said President and owner Liana Dunlap who founded CoreSpace in 2009.

“We believe that tech companies, and especially Data Centers, have a responsibility to do everything they can to move towards greener initiatives that lesson environmental impact.”

To become a Green Power Partner, aspiring members should source 3% to 20% ofits annual energy use from green sources such as wind and solar power.  Partners are required to update the EPA on their green practices to keep their spot on the GPP list.

CoreSpace is a secure cloud, dedicated server and colocation hosting provider, who specialize in secure and compliant service offerings such as HIPAA, and PCI/DSS hosting.  They are WBENC Certified woman owned Data Center, headquartered out of Dallas, TX who own and operate their facility. They have provided unparalled value and solutions for their customers since 2009. More information about CoreSpace can be found on their website,