Server Add-Ons

CoreSpace has a myriad of additional service offerings that can be added to many of our products.  If you don’t see what you want listed here, contact us!  Chances are, we can add-on any additional services that you might be looking for.  We can deliver!

“Running a non-profit business means we are always on a tight budget. For over five years, CoreSpace has provided the quality service and support we need at a price we can afford. Server speed and uptime are key and CoreSpace consistently delivers. They make it easy and at a reasonable price. With no hesitation, we recommend CoreSpace.”

-Phil K., PRO ARTS

SSL Certificates

CoreSpace offers SSL certificates at a very competitive price. An SSL is a must have for any shopping cart or secure authentication web application. They will assure your customers that they are securely communicating with your web server.  SSL certificates provide an end-to-end guarantee that the connection is encrypted and authenticated.

Multi-year pricing is available on all SSL’s.

  • SSL offers $10,000 of insurance for $139 per year
  • SSL-Level2 offers $100,000 of insurance for $225 per year
  • SSL Wildcard offers $100,000 of insurance for a single website and unlimited subdomains for $549 per year
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At CoreSpace we have an array of storage servers that can be scaled dynamically to meet any backup needs. We use industry leader R1Soft as a basis for our backup solutions. R1Soft allows both point-in-time recovery of data (snapshots) and incremental file level backups for quick restorations. R1Soft is a CDP (Continuos Data Protection) service that can offer backup frequency as quickly as every 5 minutes. Server backups can be configured across our private backup network for increased performance and cost savings.

Read More About CoreBackup Services

Private Networks

CoreSpace offers the ability to create your own private network between your servers. The private network can help quickly migrate data between servers, run backup operations to other servers and many other tasks. The private network will also not impact your bandwidth usage as the data transfer does not run over your public network!

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We have available KVM over IP devices that you can use to troubleshoot your server as if you were sitting at the console. These devices can be configured to your vlan. KVM over IP are available for short term loan and also available for lease!

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Internet Access

Need to get online?  CoreSpace can put together many internet access solutions to meet your business needs.  If  in the DFW area, we can provide 100MB symmetrical wireless internet connection or even T-1 lines. Depending on where your business is based, we could also offer high speed Internet access through our GB wireless back haul network.  Dedicated IP ranges available…starting at 5 IPs per location.  What do you need?

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Admin "On-Demand"

Need an Admin?  CoreSpace has system administrators available to you 24/7/365.  For a low hourly rate, our Admins can assist you with custom configurations of services and servers, help deploy solutions and applications, troubleshoot non standard and third party software issues, data migration, etc.  We also will troubleshoot issues with customer provided equipment and firewalls. For Colocation customers, we can perform hardware diagnostics and repair servers.  Just let us know your needs and we will get you connected directly with an Admin!

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