Core Security

Core Security delivers the most comprehensive, effective intrusion prevention available for our customers.  We detect and block both known and unknown attacks.


Core Managed

We’ve got you covered! With an extensive selection of Core Managed Services, put the burden on us to manage your hardware so that you don’t have to!


Core Support

Need an Admin?  We offer an “Admin-on-Demand” service that gives you access to our advanced technical team 24/7/365!  Just let us know what you need!


We have recently upgraded our 30,000 sq ft facility from a distributed power infrastructure model (with a single phase UPS /2 server rack configuration) to a centralized power model.

A key driver behind this change was that we wanted to increase reliability of our operations and increase efficiency.  We have achieved measureable savings leveraging GE’s eBoost mode 100% of the operation time.  CoreSpace passes those power cost savings driven by eBoost directly to our customers.

CoreSpace & GE

A “Powerful” Link!


At CoreSpace, customer service is at the center of our commitment to you. We design systems and support infrastructure around specific customer requirements. CoreSpace combines experienced personnel with innovative technology and automation tools to ensure responsive and on-time service delivery. Our data centers feature 24-hour services such as the Operations Support Center, remote hands, receiving, storage, and loading dock access. Customer service includes 24/7 support on-site along with conference rooms and tech lounges as well. LEARN MORE!


Customer-centric data center design sets CoreSpace apart from other colocation providers. CoreSpace’s products and services are designed with flexibility enabling you to scale your requirements in order to properly support the ever shifting technology and changes while sustaining your company’s online presence. CoreSpace customers may start with a single standard-power density cabinet and grow to high-power density cabinets, large cages or private suites seamlessly at CoreSpace’s Area data centers. LEARN MORE!


CoreSpace’s scalability allows customers to grow their power and bandwidth requirements within their existing footprint or expand into new space efficiently. With diverse connectivity linking CoreSpace’s data centers, customers may deploy a network point of presence or larger deployment at either location or access world-class connectivity via a cross-connect to our peering exchange. Customers choosing this option will enjoy available, on-demand data center capacity in a cost-effective, optimized configuration to help better control their needs and scalability as a company.  LEARN MORE!

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